BIRDLINK is a scaleable, replicable network of living habitat sculptures--vertical meadows of native plants. It supports migratory birds that disperse seeds that maintain and expand ecosystems and maintain wildlife corridors, while alerting people to the challenges facing bird populations specifically, and biodiversity in general.

  • One million plant species face extinction risks --The 2019 UN Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  •  Two-thirds of North American birds are at increasing risk of extinction from global temperature rise. -- Audubon Science
  • Insect populations are declining
  • Habitat loss in cities = lack of greenspace for people

These living sculptures bring habitat and green space to underserved urban communities and offer community science and ecological education for adults and children.

Current project in need of support: Bronx , Crotona Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                                BIRDLINK was scheduled for spring 2020, but due to Covid-19, has been postponed to spring 2021. Unfortunately, funding earmarked for the installation from the Bronx Borough president's office was withdrawn due to city budget constraints.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tax deductible contributions to help to realize this project are appreciated. Please designate BIRDLINK as program to receive donation:


BIRDLINK at Williamsburg’s Marsha P Johnson State Park

Marsha P Johnson Marsha P Johnson State Park
Kent Avenue at North 7th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Accessible by NYC  Ferry, L and G trains

BIRDLINK at Marsha P Johnson State Park is a permanent / ongoing installation that will serve as a longitudinal study of habitat evolution and wildlife usage. Its Manhattan Skyline backdrop makes it a favorite photo-op site. #birdlinkny

Made Possible by: The New York State Connect Kids to Parks Initiative, a program of the Environmental Protection Fund; New York City Audubon Society; Greenbelt Native Plant Center: NYC Parks, and volunteers 

BIRDLINK  Proof of Concept NYC Locations:     

Summer 2018: Governors Island NYC Audubon Society

Ongoing Since Sept. 2018: Marsha P Johnson State Park, formerly called East River State Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Sept. to Dec. 2019: Sara D Roosevelt Park, Manhattan

Upcoming Spring 2020  to 2021: Crotona Park, Bronx

Watch a video showing the making of the BIRDLINK sculpture at Governors Island

Upcoming Events

Ongoing: Marsha P Johnson State Park,  Upcoming: Crotona Park

How Its Made

BIRDLINK is a freestanding green-wall of native plants, with window-like openings that frame views of space around it. It sits on top of pavement, grass, or any supporting surface without support from neighboring walls. The spiraling grid of wire is filled with soil and native plants specific to both local and migratory birds of the region it inhabits.



- Single structure
- Steel mesh planter structure with 3” openings
- Steel skeleton withstands hurricane force winds
- Irrigation conduits attach easily to water source
- Structure sits on top of ground surface


- Modular gabion units assemble in varied configurations
- Steel mesh gabion planters with 3” openings
- Cross-braced bamboo structures withstand hurricane winds
- Irrigation conduits attach easily to water source
- Structure sits on top of ground surface

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