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BIRDLINK is an interactive native-plant sculpture, designed to support urban birds and engage community.  This spiraling green-wall grid is a living tapestry of native plants. Multiple BIRDLINK installations will be designed to create a network to link isolated patches of natural bird habitat regionally and promote awareness of species that share our space. BIRDLINK are public art installations that engage communities and address global climate change locally.

BIRDLINK Renderings

BIRDLINK Now Open at Williamsburg’s East River State Park

East River State Park, Kent Avenue at North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - More Info    Accessible by NYC  Ferry, L and G trains

Made Possible with Support from The New York State Connect Kids to Parks initiative, a program of the Environmental Protection Fund; New York City Audubon Society; Greenbelt Native Plant Center: NYC Parks; Hunter Industries and volunteers who helped build BIRDLINK.

"BIRDLINK public art installation offers a provocative new interpretation of the native-plants-for-birds theme in sync with New York City Audubon’s mission to champion nature in the city's five boroughs." Kathryn Heintz, Executive Director, NYC Audubon

“BIRDLINK is an innovative public art installation that delights the eye and invites better appreciation of birds in urban nature.  It brings new excitement to our dynamic park and fits perfectly with NYS Parks’ mission to support environmental education in our glorious parks.”  — Leslie Wright, NYC Regional Director, NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

BIRDLINK  locations inNew York City

Governors Island at the New York City Audubon Society House- Summer 2018
East River State Park, Williamsburgh Brooklyn September 2018 to 2019
Sara D Roosevelt Park, Manhattan September 2019 to 2020
This video shows the making of the BIRDLINK sculpture at Governors Island. 


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At East River State Park

 BIRDLINK for Public and Residential Spaces

BIRDLINK can now be installed at private locations. Contact info@birdlink.world

Residential installations come in sizes that vary from 1.5' x 2' x 3'units to 2' x 2' x 6', and can be made to custom specifications and plantings.


New York City BIRDLINK is Underway!

The second BIRDLINK  lives at East River State Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn

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Learn about Citizen Science and Educational Outreach

BIRDLINK isn't just good for birds, its also a hub for community events and educational programming in ecology and science.

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Donate to BIRDLINK

Your contribution will help underwrite the production and installation of BIRDLINK and its debut in Sara D. Roosevelt Park in the 2019 season.

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BIRDLINK is a rest stop for birds migrating through the city to summer/winter destinations. A freestanding green-wall of native plants, with windows framing a park on one side and a bustling urban intersection on the other, it sits on top of pavement, without support from neighboring walls. The spiraling grid of wire is filled with rubble and soil and native plants specific to both local and migratory birds. The Parks department states that plants are the greatest deterrent to defacement of public sculpture.  


Image Credit: M. Salembier

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The Audubon Society is suing the US Department of Interior over the Migratory Bird Treaty Act —and they need your help.