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Dialogue Awareness Activism

BIRDLINK invites you to experience your city as a place hospitable to people, and wildlife. and offers an answer to the “what can I do?” question. It builds upon current work designing for ecological challenges to maintain biodiversity. BIRDLINK is an experiment in restoring wildlife habitat using a landscape network strategy that connects isolated habitat across scales. This can make communities and wildlife more resilient to climate and other changes.


Who We Are

Executive Director/ Designer
Anina Gerchick
contact: info@birdlink.world

Anina Gerchick is an outdoor installation artist, landscape architect and painter.  Public art installation combines social engagement, ecological design and visual art.  Evolving from her studio and outdoor painting practice, landscape itself became subject and platform for art making that integrates urban and climate issues.

Web Designer / Marketing
Doron Sadja

Advisory Committee

Executive Director New York City Audubon Society
Kathryn Heintz

Executive Director Bronx Childrens Museum
Carla Precht

Partner Starr Whitehouse landscape architecture
Laura Starr

Landscape Consultant
Donald Sussman

Architecture Consultant
Salvatore Cosenza

Design Consultant
Kiwi Nguyen

Idol Hands Design  3-D printing
Peter Krugman

President, LMAC Foundation, Inc.
Lisa B. Koteen, Esq.