Collaborative Partners

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
The New York City Audubon Society
The Sara D. Roosevelt Park Coalition
Greenbelt Native Plant Center : NYC Parks
Audubon New York For the Birds
 University Settlement Adult Literacy Program
The Lower East Side Partnership
Bronx Children's Museum


Donald Sussman Landscape Consultant
Robert Silman Associates Structural Engineers, DPC
The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation


The Durst Organization
The City Parks Foundation
New York City Audubon Society
Hunter Industries


To inquire about sponsoring a BIRDLINK, please contact:


NYC Audobon Society is BIRDLINK’s fiscal conduit and provides support to the artist for educational events; NYC Park’s and Recreation has approved the 2019 installation of BIRDLINK’s first prototype in SDR Park; Biobus and the Bronx Children’s Museum plan to create curriculum around BIRDLINK and bring children to BIRDLINK; The University Settlement will bring their immigrant literacy students to maintain the plants and learn relevant vocabulary. Apps by Cornell Ornithology Lab, and Audubon Society already exist and offer engagement through the cellphone platform.

Letters of Support