Deployable Habitats

Scalable, replicable network of living habitat sculptures

BIRDLINK New York City Vertical Habitat

What is Birdlink?

BIRDLINK is a scaleable, replicable network of living habitat sculptures–vertical meadows of native plants. It supports migratory birds that disperse seeds that maintain and expand ecosystems and wildlife corridors through cities. It alerts people to the challenges facing bird populations specifically, and biodiversity in general. These living sculptures bring habitat and green space to urban space and offer community science and ecological education for adults and children.

BIRDLINK Proof of Concept Locations - New York City

BIRDLINK sculpture at Governors Island

BIRDLINK Sculpture at Governors Island in New York City

BIRDLINK Williamsburg’s Marsha P Johnson State Park

BIRDLINK at Williamsburg’s Marsha P Johnson State Park

BIRDLINK Sara D Roosevelt Park, Manhattan

BIRDLINK at Sara D Roosevelt Park, Manhattan

BIRDLINK Crotona Park, Bronx

BIRDLINK Sculpture at Crotona Park, Bronx


Build a Vertical Meadow Habitat Structure

Adaptable to all sites and sizes using its modular system
Modular components can form multiple configurations

The native plants of your region will attract local birds and pollinators to your area.

The materials used to build these habitats can vary from inexpensive to high end, fine, and custom materials

Consultations are available to tailor the BIRDLINK to any specific site in any region.

  • BIRDLINK offers a provocative new interpretation of the native-plants-for-birds theme in sync with New York City Audubon’s mission to champion nature in the city's five boroughs.

    — Kathryn Heintz, Executive Director, NYC Audubon
  • BIRDLINK is an innovative public art installation that delights the eye and invites better appreciation of birds in urban nature. It brings new excitement to our dynamic park and fits perfectly with NYS Parks’ mission to support environmental education in our glorious parks.

    — Leslie Wright, NYC Regional Director, NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  • Increasingly, contemporary artists are focusing their attention on environmental concurs, creating art that raises awareness of threats to our fragile ecosystems. Three large-scale public artworks on view in New York this summer address issues relevant to the New York region. This virtual tour with art historian Julie Reiss will include Maya Lin's Ghost Forest in Madison Square Park, Mary Mattingly's Watershed Core in Prospect Park and Anina Gerchick's Birdlink in Crotona Park.

    — Julie Reiss, The Municipal Art Society of New Work
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BIRDLINK installations go beyond signaling loss to establish small habitat patches to instigate recovery.

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