June 16, 2019



In The Press: American Bird Conservancy

"This Art Project Could Help Make Cities More Habitable For Birds"

Can a series of art installations in New York City raise awareness about bird migration while improving urban habitat for migratory birds?

Resembling a bushy staircase at first glance, the living sculpture at East River State Park in Brooklyn may draw incredulous looks from curious park-goers, but for migratory birds, the structure — bursting with plants rich with berries, seeds, and flowers — is a much-needed commodity in a sea of concrete and asphalt.

Anina Gerchick, the New York-based artist and landscape architect behind this project, aims both to elicit reactions from passersby and to benefit wildlife. She designed BIRDLINK to be a green space particularly for birds that would also help connect city dwellers with the natural world.

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Anina Gerchick
Anina Gerchick is an outdoor installation artist, landscape architect, and painter. BIRDLINK brings together art, ecology and public space design to create environmental, aesthetic and political impact. Public space is platform for art making that addresses climate change and community activation.

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BIRDLINK installations go beyond signaling loss to establish small habitat patches to instigate recovery.

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