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Crotona Park, Bronx
BIRDLINK Crotona Park, Bronx
First-of-its-kind living sculpture in the Bronx melds science and art to address urban wildlife challenges As one million species face extinction due to climate change, BirdLink works with communities to support biodiversity in cities across the U.S. The Bronx’s Crotona Park unveiled a new and improved BirdLink installation: a living, native-plant sculpture that now employs the latest science to attract and provide habitat for resident and migrating birds. While each BirdLink modular structure is uniquely adapted to its installation site, the Bronx sculpture is the first to employ the latest avian science on vision and color perception. “With its shimmering iridescent blue color, the new installation will likely be highly visible to birds,” said Professor Mary Caswell Stoddard, who specializes in avian sensory ecology, evolution and behavior at Princeton University. “Birds have excellent color vision—seeing a whole range of colors we humans cannot perceive.” Professor Stoddard’s research explores the fact that unlike human color vision, avian vision is tetrachromatic, which means that birds have four different types of color cones in their eyes. One of these cone types is sensitive to ultraviolet or violet light. In comparison, humans only have three color cone types. The Bronx installation, which was designed to provide critical habitat for migrating birds threatened by climate change, now gleams with iridescent colors that mimic flamboyant plumage, like the feathers of a peacock, so it stands out more against the landscape to better attract the animals.
June 17, 2019
NY Times Article

In The Press: New York Times "A Tenement For Birds" Swamp rose, dewberry, buttonbush. Sound familiar? Maybe not. But to the artist Anina Gerchick, these plants are her medium. She used them and many other native-to-New York perennials to build Birdlink, a 12-foot-tall living sculpture that is a rest stop for migrating birds in Sara […]

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June 17, 2019
The Lo-Down News

In The Press: The Lo-Down "BIRDLINK, a Living Sculpture for Birds, Comes to Sara D. Roosevelt Park" Artist Anina Gerchick unveiled her latest BIRDLINK sculpture in Sara D. Roosevelt Park last Sunday. The living art sculpture made its way here after a prototype was set up on Governor’s Island last summer. Another sculpture was set up in the East […]

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June 17, 2019

In The Press: AMNY "Sculpture on Lower East Side will help birds flock together" Artist Anina Gerchick wants to add more jungle and less concrete to New York City. On June 8, she unveiled her third BIRDLINK installation — a 16-foot-long spiraling vertical structure filled with native plants — at Sara D. Roosevelt Park in […]

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June 16, 2019
Clean Technica

In The Press: Clean Technica "Species Threat Made Real Through NY Native Plant Sculpture" The most recent international report on climate change says it all. “The rate of species extinctions is accelerating.” “Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.” “Grave impacts on people around the world are now likely.” “We are eroding […]

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June 16, 2019

In The Press: American Bird Conservancy "This Art Project Could Help Make Cities More Habitable For Birds" Can a series of art installations in New York City raise awareness about bird migration while improving urban habitat for migratory birds? Resembling a bushy staircase at first glance, the living sculpture at East River State Park in […]

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January 17, 2019
The Urban Audubon

In The Press: The Urban Audubon "Engaging Community, Supporting Urban Birds" Art and environmental awareness come together in BIRDLINK, a proposed network of native plant sculptures designed to connect isolated patches of urban bird habitat while promoting awareness of migratory bird species that pass through our city. The brainchild of artist and landscape architect Anina […]

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December 17, 2018

In The Press: Hyperallergic "Birds Can Now Nest in a Living Sculpture in Brooklyn" New York City is part of the Atlantic Flyway, a major bird migration route that swoops along the Atlantic Coast all the way from the Arctic to the Caribbean Sea. Commuting birds, like many New Yorkers, enjoy the respite of Central […]

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December 9, 2018

In The Press: AM New York "Living sculpture project helps migratory birds in NYC parks" Central Park and Prospect Park are globally recognized as havens for a variety of migratory birds. But just like every other New Yorker who stops for coffee ahead of their long, morning commute, birds also need stopovers for nourishment before continuing on […]

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