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Birdlink, inspired by the urban buildings, stack free-standing planted modules vertically rather than sprawl across the ground. These dense native plant habitats are planted with thousands of small plants that aggregate to bolster ecosystem services, without requiring garden areas.

They also function as outdoor furniture; screens, gazebos and sculpture.

Birdlink variations suit specific park, public space, and residential sites with options to size and configuration.

Consultations are available to tailor the BIRDLINK to any specific site in any region.

  • Modular gabion units assemble in varied configurations
  • Steel mesh gabion planters with 3” openings
  • Cross-braced structures withstand hurricane winds
  • Irrigation conduits attach easily to water source
  • Structure sits on top of ground surface


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BIRDLINK installations go beyond signaling loss to establish small habitat patches to instigate recovery.

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