Public Installations

BIRDLINK - Four Sites in NYC

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Crotona Park BIRDLINK Installation summer 2021

Crotona Park Birdlink 2021

BIRDLINK At Williamsburg's Marsha P. Johnson State Park

2018 - 2021

BIRDLINK at Marsha P. Johnson Sate Park afforded a research opportunity re: plant/seed dispersal and biodiversity that was conducted using bioacoustic monitoring devices. See Education page

BIRDLINK On Manhattan’s Lower East Side

2019 - 2020 Sara D Roosevelt Park

At  Sara D. Roosevelt Park on Manhattan’s Lower East Side : June – November 2019. This park in a busy,  diverse neighborhood also hosts the Chinese Hua Mei Bird Garden for exotic caged songbirds. BIRDLINK attracts the wild birds that reside or migrate through the city with native plants at ground and middle canopy levels. It responds to community interests, highlights the shared the urban ecosystem and bridge cultural differences through the universal of birds.

BIRDLINK on Governors Island Summer 2018

BIRDLINK has proved its concept at public installations and is ready to expand. The goal of the BIRDLINK Network is to link green spaces across a region to create wildlife corridors. With integration of vertical & horizontal plantings, BIRDLINK is a vertical manifestation of a north eastern American meadow.

Multiple simultaneous installations, including smaller and larger scaled designs, fit various spaces, audiences, and budgets.

 Public Installation Sites:

  • Public Plazas at Mixed-use venues
  • College / University Campuses
  • Traffic Triangles
  • Parks
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Roadway Medians